About N3 International

If you saw a tear in your paper what would you do? You would tape that tear to make it whole again. That analogy is similar to what our blog does as well as the website www.nubiannewsnetwork.com that we use to pick up important news from around non-european countries and continents. We have discovered a proverbial “hole” if you will in the news community that hole is a lack of positive and truthful media regarding people with melanin. So our blog and website are the proverbial “tape” and we will make everything the way it is supposed to be which is balanced.

Our posts are factual, as should your comments be and are worded in a way to make you think outside of your own personal box. Once you know your true history everything else is not longer a mystery and the same goes for if you know yourself.

Enjoy the news and the blogs and speak your mind.


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