“Mac-Tan” or the philippines – How valuable is a hueman life?

This article blurb below is simply the result of colonization, as the inhabitants of the supposed philippines our sisters and brothers do not rule by their own cultural standards they were forced to uphold those ideologies of spain and roman catholicism, which results in the present day confusion.

Our Family Members voting in the Election!

“MANILA, Philippines – A total of 27 people, including a mayoralty bet and five running for councilor, were killed in 75 election-related violent incidents during the first 105 days of the campaign period for the May 10 general elections.” [Source]

Why would someone kill somebody else over an election? Who even introduced the idea of elections? Are elections like the ones held today linked back to philippine culture? Here is the beginning of what above is the end, read below:

The Beginning of the End - murderer ferdinand magellan pretending to pose as if he found something that was already found. Just not by him.

Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Philippines in 1521.

The Philippine islands first came to the attention of Europeans with the Spanish expedition around the world led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Magellan landed on the island of Cebu, claiming the lands for Spain and naming them Islas de San Lazaro. He set up friendly relations with some of the local chieftains and converted some of them to Roman Catholicism.

The Great and Courageous Lapulapu Squalluto of Mactan

However, Magellan was killed by natives, led by a Muslim Rajah (or local chief) named Lapu-Lapu, who go up against foreign domination or spanish colonization. (HERO) The Mactans have named their town Lapu – Lapu in honor of the great hero, every colonized country should follow this example. Here is a movie about Lapu – Lapu, it looks good!

Over the next several decades, other Spanish expeditions were send off to the islands. In 1543, Ruy López de Villalobos led an expedition to the islands and gave the name Las Islas Filipinas (after Philip II of Spain) to the islands of Samar and Leyte. The name would later be given to the entire archipelago.” – {SOURCE

The philippines is not the real name of this archipelago.

That being said peace can be found in a name, see a lot of countries still have former colonizer’s names, one of which is the philippines; the name is worthless and soulless as one writer Celso Nieves writes:

“…But ours is different. The Spaniards left us and the American successors switched our country’s name from Filipinas to The Philippine Island and later The Philippines. And so, we are now Filipinos and not Indios anymore. We cannot replace that because our country is still The Philippines.

Unless our beloved Motherland is given another name, we are still Filipinos which is not originally and definitely not ours; and aparently, it is a colonial name.

Some mystical religions say that a name reflects and vibrates to the personality of a person, a community, or even to a nation. Whether this is true or not, the Philippines reflects the name of a worthless and even thought to be a tyrant Spanish king, Felipe II or King Philips II. The name Filipinos may also reflect or vibrates his personality and attitude to our people.

If we name our loving and beautiful county Maharlika, we are Marhalikans, a noble respectful people. It undoubtedly reflects and vibrates scintillating beauty and true love. (See the article “Why ‘The Philippines?’”)

Changing for the better is one of the laws of nature to progress. We change from infant to kids to adults and then old age. New inventions change the destiny and the face of the world. Colonized countries that changed their names are governing themselves independently. Our lawmakers ratify, amend, and revise old laws to suit to the present changing situation of the county.

If we change the name of our country, we also change the hovering atmosphere from corruption to honesty, poverty to prosperity, war with the Muslim rebels and NPAs to reconciliation, and much much more.

Let us be Maharlikans. Paquiao, a great Mahalikan boxer; Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) would be Local Maharlikan Employers (LME), and others. A metamorphosis may conceivably bring peace and prosperity to our people.”

How difficult do you – the reader and thinker – think it would be for all colonized countries to rename their countries and reinstitute their culture wholesale?


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