Zimbabwe – Nasty european farmer

The story in itself is horrifying but the even more disturbing part is the fact that the first person the killer approached “the white farmer” was not alarmed but instead wanted the head – if you know of this Chigure fellow, it seems as if he needs to be in jail also.

Here is the story [Full Article]:

A Mhangura man has admitted to killing his girlfriend and slicing off her vagina, which he later tried to sell to another man before he was caught.

Elias Kurapxi (23) (name correct as indicated) who claims to be a prophet of Freda Farm in the Doma area of Mhangura lured his girlfriend Marble Marufu to a secluded place on November 30, 2009.

He  accused her of being a prostitute after he had discovered that she was having an affair with another man a rival prophet called Charles Pedzisai. There was evidently a warped “Holy war” of sorts between the two prophets. The revelations are contained in the warned and cautioned statement made by Kurapxi before Chinhoyi magistrate Mr Ngoni Nduna at the Chinhoyi Court recently.

In the statement he indicated that he feared contracting HIV from his girlfriend owing to the alleged infidelity and decided to kill her as the only option.

and here is the sickening portion in regards to the nasty europeans request:

He took the vagina, carrying it in his pockets, before he decided to approach a white farmer in the area who is only known by the nickname Chigure and proposed to sell it to him.

He refused and allegedly indicated that he would rather have a human head and promised to give him a car, tractor or grinding mill.


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