Zimbabwe – How do you feel about revolutions?

“You must be militant, you must be radical; you must be resolute in defence of your own organisation,” said Malema. [FULL ARTICLE]

But while they were still applauding, he changed the tune, and told them what they least expected to hear: denouncing violence.

“But militancy does not mean cutting people hands, militancy does not mean violent politics, militancy means you must be vigilant, you must be on the ground, you must be in each and every corner of Zimbabwe.”

The silence among the youths – who for all along had been applauding even the smallest of greetings – was enough evidence that they did not expect that from Malema.

And he didn’t stop there. He warned them that violence could attract an international invasion.”

“Once we engage in violent means of politics, we run the risk of giving imperialists the reason why they must invade Zimbabwe… If you fight people physically, you are giving them an opportunity to slaughter everybody, because theirs is to slaughter those who disagree with them,” added Malema.”

Do you all feel like Zimbabwe fears imperialists? or is not prepared?

See the hand that guides the strings in some instances:

“They are today burning liberation songs in South Africa because the untransformed judiciary is still controlled by the whites who are resistant to change… anything they do not like they decide to go to court and bury it,” he added.“It is a sad day that in our own country during democracy we can’t sing liberation songs, you will be arrested for undermining a judgement by the court. What is the difference between what they are doing now with what they did during apartheid?”

He said he was prepared to be jailed for singing the song.

“They must know we will never retreat. If it means singing this song in South Africa is a straight way into jail, we are prepared to go to jail and sing this song, we are prepared to be arrested, we are prepared to be exiled… they will never tell us which songs to sing, which leader to worship.”

So how is South Africa changed? Any SF on wordpress? Hello?


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