Zimbabwe – How do you feel about revolutions?

“You must be militant, you must be radical; you must be resolute in defence of your own organisation,” said Malema. [FULL ARTICLE]

But while they were still applauding, he changed the tune, and told them what they least expected to hear: denouncing violence.

“But militancy does not mean cutting people hands, militancy does not mean violent politics, militancy means you must be vigilant, you must be on the ground, you must be in each and every corner of Zimbabwe.”

The silence among the youths – who for all along had been applauding even the smallest of greetings – was enough evidence that they did not expect that from Malema.

And he didn’t stop there. He warned them that violence could attract an international invasion.”

“Once we engage in violent means of politics, we run the risk of giving imperialists the reason why they must invade Zimbabwe… If you fight people physically, you are giving them an opportunity to slaughter everybody, because theirs is to slaughter those who disagree with them,” added Malema.”

Do you all feel like Zimbabwe fears imperialists? or is not prepared?

See the hand that guides the strings in some instances:

“They are today burning liberation songs in South Africa because the untransformed judiciary is still controlled by the whites who are resistant to change… anything they do not like they decide to go to court and bury it,” he added.“It is a sad day that in our own country during democracy we can’t sing liberation songs, you will be arrested for undermining a judgement by the court. What is the difference between what they are doing now with what they did during apartheid?”

He said he was prepared to be jailed for singing the song.

“They must know we will never retreat. If it means singing this song in South Africa is a straight way into jail, we are prepared to go to jail and sing this song, we are prepared to be arrested, we are prepared to be exiled… they will never tell us which songs to sing, which leader to worship.”

So how is South Africa changed? Any SF on wordpress? Hello?


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Kenya – Mothers take a stand against western ideologies

Finally – any stand is a good stand.

To those unfamiliar, strollers are viewed as cages and contraptions for containing children, when in fact children should be close to their mothers.

We are holding to our cultural roots by continuing with our traditions, though former and present colonialists are trying to force us to help feed their families by purchasing items that do not agree with our culture [- Full Article -]:

“Across Africa, women can be seen carrying sleeping or sometimes giggly babies on their backs, swathed in cloth. The babies move to the sway of their mothers’ hips, synchronized throughout the day, bending with them as they collect water or sweep the floor and rising again when the women stop to rest. They hang on as their mothers sell food in the market or pray at a church or mosque.

The introduction of strollers and baby carriages, both known here by the British word “pram,” horrifies traditionalists, even someone such as Wambui, who sells them.”

‘Irene Wambui can’t imagine why anyone would buy a baby stroller. She says she sees it as a cold cage filled with useless rattles, cup holders and mirrored headlights. Imagine children being stuffed into such a contraption and pushed around town like some kind of pet.’

Valuable Insight, Wisdom and Genius spoken by our sisters and brothers:

“The stroller has sparked debate among African pediatricians who think the device — first crafted as a labor-saving tool for the European middle class — may damage the relationship between a mother and a child.

“The pram is the ultimate in pushing the baby away from you,” said Frank Njenga, a child psychiatrist in Nairobi, Kenya’s bustling capital. “The baby on the back is actually following the mother in warmth and comfort. The baby feels safer, and safer people are happier people.”

So that being said unhappy europeans are unhappy because they do not feel safe.

Long ago culturally speaking , black was seen as the color of life (think about rich, black and fertile soil) and white was the color of death (when one dies, one grows pale and takes on a ashen white color).


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Zimbabwe – Nasty european farmer

The story in itself is horrifying but the even more disturbing part is the fact that the first person the killer approached “the white farmer” was not alarmed but instead wanted the head – if you know of this Chigure fellow, it seems as if he needs to be in jail also.

Here is the story [Full Article]:

A Mhangura man has admitted to killing his girlfriend and slicing off her vagina, which he later tried to sell to another man before he was caught.

Elias Kurapxi (23) (name correct as indicated) who claims to be a prophet of Freda Farm in the Doma area of Mhangura lured his girlfriend Marble Marufu to a secluded place on November 30, 2009.

He  accused her of being a prostitute after he had discovered that she was having an affair with another man a rival prophet called Charles Pedzisai. There was evidently a warped “Holy war” of sorts between the two prophets. The revelations are contained in the warned and cautioned statement made by Kurapxi before Chinhoyi magistrate Mr Ngoni Nduna at the Chinhoyi Court recently.

In the statement he indicated that he feared contracting HIV from his girlfriend owing to the alleged infidelity and decided to kill her as the only option.

and here is the sickening portion in regards to the nasty europeans request:

He took the vagina, carrying it in his pockets, before he decided to approach a white farmer in the area who is only known by the nickname Chigure and proposed to sell it to him.

He refused and allegedly indicated that he would rather have a human head and promised to give him a car, tractor or grinding mill.


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Iran being bullied by guess who…

One of the colonial weaklings of the past..the europeans (us, british, germany,etc.)

\FULL ARTICLE – “US, Iran clash at UN nuclear meet  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blasted the United States at a UN conference here Monday for threatening to use atomic weapons, triggering a sharp American response and a walkout by several delegations.

“Regrettably, the government of the United States has not only used nuclear weapons but also continues to threaten to use such weapons against other countries, including Iran,” he said.

Why can we all just not focus on our respective territories and show a common understanding for love of life – would that not be easier?

“….in a new nuclear policy unveiled last month, it stated that atomic weapons were still part of its defense posture and that it reserved the right to use them against non-nuclear-weapons states, like Iran, which fail to comply with the NPT.

Ahmadinejad called for the United States to be suspended from the UN atomic watchdog’s executive board over its threats to use nuclear weapons.

Besides the United States, fellow nuclear powers Britain and France walked out. Non-nuclear states which also left included Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic and Morocco, according to a Western diplomat..”

You know what they say, when someone is usually right, the person either gets mad or leaves……well you see what happened! Is it not possible for everyone to just obtain nuclear weapons then maybe, just maybe people will treat one another with more respect? due to the impending death that could ensue if they did not.

“Mac-Tan” or the philippines – How valuable is a hueman life?

This article blurb below is simply the result of colonization, as the inhabitants of the supposed philippines our sisters and brothers do not rule by their own cultural standards they were forced to uphold those ideologies of spain and roman catholicism, which results in the present day confusion.

Our Family Members voting in the Election!

“MANILA, Philippines – A total of 27 people, including a mayoralty bet and five running for councilor, were killed in 75 election-related violent incidents during the first 105 days of the campaign period for the May 10 general elections.” [Source]

Why would someone kill somebody else over an election? Who even introduced the idea of elections? Are elections like the ones held today linked back to philippine culture? Here is the beginning of what above is the end, read below:

The Beginning of the End - murderer ferdinand magellan pretending to pose as if he found something that was already found. Just not by him.

Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Philippines in 1521.

The Philippine islands first came to the attention of Europeans with the Spanish expedition around the world led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Magellan landed on the island of Cebu, claiming the lands for Spain and naming them Islas de San Lazaro. He set up friendly relations with some of the local chieftains and converted some of them to Roman Catholicism.

The Great and Courageous Lapulapu Squalluto of Mactan

However, Magellan was killed by natives, led by a Muslim Rajah (or local chief) named Lapu-Lapu, who go up against foreign domination or spanish colonization. (HERO) The Mactans have named their town Lapu – Lapu in honor of the great hero, every colonized country should follow this example. Here is a movie about Lapu – Lapu, it looks good!

Over the next several decades, other Spanish expeditions were send off to the islands. In 1543, Ruy López de Villalobos led an expedition to the islands and gave the name Las Islas Filipinas (after Philip II of Spain) to the islands of Samar and Leyte. The name would later be given to the entire archipelago.” – {SOURCE

The philippines is not the real name of this archipelago.

That being said peace can be found in a name, see a lot of countries still have former colonizer’s names, one of which is the philippines; the name is worthless and soulless as one writer Celso Nieves writes:

“…But ours is different. The Spaniards left us and the American successors switched our country’s name from Filipinas to The Philippine Island and later The Philippines. And so, we are now Filipinos and not Indios anymore. We cannot replace that because our country is still The Philippines.

Unless our beloved Motherland is given another name, we are still Filipinos which is not originally and definitely not ours; and aparently, it is a colonial name.

Some mystical religions say that a name reflects and vibrates to the personality of a person, a community, or even to a nation. Whether this is true or not, the Philippines reflects the name of a worthless and even thought to be a tyrant Spanish king, Felipe II or King Philips II. The name Filipinos may also reflect or vibrates his personality and attitude to our people.

If we name our loving and beautiful county Maharlika, we are Marhalikans, a noble respectful people. It undoubtedly reflects and vibrates scintillating beauty and true love. (See the article “Why ‘The Philippines?’”)

Changing for the better is one of the laws of nature to progress. We change from infant to kids to adults and then old age. New inventions change the destiny and the face of the world. Colonized countries that changed their names are governing themselves independently. Our lawmakers ratify, amend, and revise old laws to suit to the present changing situation of the county.

If we change the name of our country, we also change the hovering atmosphere from corruption to honesty, poverty to prosperity, war with the Muslim rebels and NPAs to reconciliation, and much much more.

Let us be Maharlikans. Paquiao, a great Mahalikan boxer; Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) would be Local Maharlikan Employers (LME), and others. A metamorphosis may conceivably bring peace and prosperity to our people.”

How difficult do you – the reader and thinker – think it would be for all colonized countries to rename their countries and reinstitute their culture wholesale?


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Colonization of All Countries & the Role of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank for Global Rule

We did not pen this article but it is very informative nonetheless, read the original article and what will do is supplement and highlight what we feel are high points and things that you – the people should take heed of. We have not substantiated any of this with background research and we do not intend to at this moment, so any other info. you have will be greatly appreciated in the Comments section.

“Fifty years before the WTO was even created, the World Bank the International Monetary Fund (IMF) began designing a global economy that puts the interests of corporations before the interests of people and the planet. In many ways these two institutions are the architects of corporate globalization-their free-market, export-driven policies spawned the WTO. To fully understand how the global economy works, and whose interests it ultimately serves, it’s necessary to know how these very powerful and secretive institutions operate.”

The World Bank and IMF were created near the end of World War 1I by the US and British governments. (FYI – Colonialists Powers)

“The IMF was established to …. lend to countries experiencing temporary cash-flow problems so they could continue trading without interruption.” Read it for Yourself on the IMF Website

– “The IMF says it has canceled Haiti‘s $268 million debt and will lend the earthquake-devastated country another $60 million to help it with reconstruction plans.” ARTICLE

– “IMF Gives $164 Million to Coup Government in Honduras, Following Familiar Pattern” ARTICLE

-“The IMF approved a $1.4 billion loan to Angola on November 23 to help sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest economy combat the adverse effects of the global economic crisis.” ARTICLE

-“IMF Lends Ethiopia $50 Million to Help Absorb Price Shocks” ARTICLE

– “In March 2010, India invested $10 billion from RBI’s reserves into buying IMF notes, a huge leap from years of indebtedness. Over the next few weeks, the Cabinet is set to clear another $4 billion towards the same.  Former finance secretary K P Geethakrishnan calls it a “very big psychological boost”. India’s representative at the IMF in the 1990s, he says: “A lot needs to change for a substantive shift, but we were on bended knees when we went to the IMF for a loan in 1989-90.”  Basically India loaned the IMF money, pretty cool huh? ARTICLE The article trys to downplay the situation but we are sure that if it were a report of Indian descent or SouthEast Asian descent instead of european then the article would have a much more positive and powerful tone!

– “The International Monetary Fund approved a $119 million loan to Ghana to help support the economy, while warning that the government must rein in public spending.” ARTICLE

– ” IMF lends $2.5bn to Sri Lanka despite concerns for Tamil refugees.” ARTICLE

– ” IMF lends Iceland 160-million-dollar to tackle crisis.” ARTICLE

– ” Greg Palast Tells How The IMF Set-Up Iceland & Greece on Alex Jones Tv” Greg also talks about how the creator of the Euro, created the EURO to control other European countries currency (like Greece) ARTICLE

We boldfaced every country to show you something. Since a majority of the world is inhabited by people with melanin, this statement is true – People of Color all over the world in these various countries owe money to europeans. It appears that the IMF is making our countries dependent on them for every like problem they encounter, the IMF will not allow any of these countries to exist self sufficiently. We were going to just stated that all of the countries are places of color but that is not true, thus the reason why we added Iceland and Greece to the mix. BUT these countries are still not European…..

What would happen if every country was beyond financial monitoring and control by the IMF and self sufficient?

What role do tthe IMF and World Bank play now?

TheWorld Bank and the IMF are the world’s largest public lenders.

What you do not see from the news media and the IMF website, the strong arming and the abuse of financial power: Read all of this and educate yourself and open you eyes, particularly your third eye.

“To really understand how these institutions work, think of them as the world’s biggest loan sharks. When the Bank and IMF lend money to debtor countries, the money comes with strings attached. The strings come in the form of policy prescriptions that are usually referred to as “structural adjustment. ”

What is Structural Adjustment?

Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs) restructure a country’s economy to ensure that its debts are repaid. SAPs require that debtor governments open their economies to penetration by foreign corporations, allowing access to the workers and natural resources of the country at bargain basement prices.

Among other things, Structural Adjustment Policies generally require a country to:

* slash government spending, which usually means cutbacks for health care, education, child care, and environmental protection;

* attract foreign investment by removing tariffs and weakening labor laws and environmental protections;

* sell off publicly owned assets such as mines, mills, forests, telephone, water and electricity companies-a process known as ~privatization”;

* focus resources on growing export crops for industrial countries, rather than supporting family farms and growing organic food for local consumption; and

* devalue the currency to promote exports.

Sometimes structural adjustment prescriptions include ending government subsidies on heating oil, gasoline and basic food items such as bread or rice, which raises the cost of living for poor people. In Haiti, the World Bank went so far as to oppose increasing the minimum wage-this in a country where more than 70% of the population lives on less than $1 a day.

The Bank and the IMF say these policies are necessary market reforms. In fact, they are poison pills for the poor majority in debtor countries. The record shows these policies to be a dismal failure: Real growth has been slow and poverty has increased.

Many grassroots groups in the Third World talk about the ‘recolonization’ of their countries as they steadily lose control over their own land, factories and services. As Martin Khor of the Third World Network explains: “Structural adjustment is a policy to continue colonial trade and economic patterns developed during the colonial period, but which the Northern powers want to continue in the post-colonial period. The World Bank and the IMF are playing the role that our ex-colonial masters used to play.”

Basically it sounds as if the loan sharks get to play in your playground if they lent you money to buy the playground. Do for self!

Who Runs the IMF and WB? And how is the vote delegated?

…voting power at the World Bank and IMF is determined by the level of a nation’s financial contribution. Therefore, the United States has roughly 17% of the vote, with the seven largest industrialized countries (G-7) holding a total of 45% of the votes.

Because of the scale of its contribution, the United States has always had a dominant voice and has at all times exercised an effective veto. At the same time, developing countries have relatively little power within the institution.

Furthermore, the President of the World Bank is by tradition an American, and the IMF President is a European; the developing world has no say about who will run these institutions.”

Environmental Woes

How have the Bank and the Fund affected the environment?

These institutions have a terrible record of environmental destruction. From a hydroelectric dam in India that displaced thousands of people to road-building and agricultural colonization in the Brazilian Amazon, the Bank’s history has been characterized by misguided and massive development debacles-debacles that continue today despite the objections of environmental groups around the world.

The Bank’s proposal to support a 600-mile pipe

line that will carry oil from Chad to the coast of Cameroon is a perfect example of the Bank’s disregard for environmental concerns. The massive oil development project will pass through or close to important ecological areas that are home to indigenous tribes and endangered species. Even if the best available technology were adopted, 2,000 gallons a day could leak without being detected. Equally disturbing, the oil companies planning the project-Shell and Exxon-each have terrible environmental records. In 1997, the Wall Street Journal reported Exxon’s chairman as advising developing countries to avoid environmental controls if they wanted to secure foreign investment.

What do the Bank and the Fund have to do with sweatshops?

IMF and World Bank policies encourage countries to center their economic development strategies around production for export to the developed world. These policies typically include encouraging countries to keep wages low and unions out of the workplace, so as to ensure the cheapest exports possible. The kind of production encouraged is often based on imported inputs and dependent on foreign investment.”

Always look at the big picture. Before colonization ever country had their own culture and currency but since foreign meddling, death, destruction, rape and pillaging – europeans are trying to impose their will everywhere with blatant disregard for others.

Take this as a lesson to be happy with what you have and own your own.


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Indonesia – Gambling or God? or Both!

Gambling is against the main religion practiced in Indonesia. But things may change as it may be the boost that the state finances can pick up through taxation.

Pro – Gambling Legalization

Parliamentarian from Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP) Eva Kusuma Sundari

Parliamentarian from Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP) Eva Kusuma Sundari recently called for the legalisation of gambling in Indonesia, as a means of boosting state finances through its taxation.

In the face of Opposition Eva stated that “Our country (Indonesia)  is not a religious state, it’s a democracy where every person’s viewpoint should be heard by the government.”

Con – Gambling Legalization (i.e. Opposition to Legalizing Gambling)

Amidhan Saberah, the chairman of the MUI, said that what was haram could never be legalised by the state, and that the use of the oft-quoted example of Malaysia – where gambling is allowed for non-Muslims – was wrong headed, because Muslims in that country were only barely a majority, at 55%, and so the Malaysian government obviously had to accommodate such a large non-Muslim population.

But in Indonesia however Muslims made up 90% of the population, he said, and the government making distinctions between Muslim and non-Muslim Indonesians would have a generally bad effect.

History of Gambling

The first slot machine was invented by a european so how in the hell did it become part of Indonesian culture? Someone please answer that damn question for us. Why cant Indonesia think of ITS OWN WAY to generate alternate income…why follow someone else (in this case the west)? Ughhh.. Same s**t, different day!

We must answer that question first before we can even discuss religion. We mean clearly there is an issue with having legalized gambling so why not think of another way. Indonesia is not synonymous with the west – so a different approach must be considered.