Indonesia – Gambling or God? or Both!

Gambling is against the main religion practiced in Indonesia. But things may change as it may be the boost that the state finances can pick up through taxation.

Pro – Gambling Legalization

Parliamentarian from Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP) Eva Kusuma Sundari

Parliamentarian from Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP) Eva Kusuma Sundari recently called for the legalisation of gambling in Indonesia, as a means of boosting state finances through its taxation.

In the face of Opposition Eva stated that “Our country (Indonesia)  is not a religious state, it’s a democracy where every person’s viewpoint should be heard by the government.”

Con – Gambling Legalization (i.e. Opposition to Legalizing Gambling)

Amidhan Saberah, the chairman of the MUI, said that what was haram could never be legalised by the state, and that the use of the oft-quoted example of Malaysia – where gambling is allowed for non-Muslims – was wrong headed, because Muslims in that country were only barely a majority, at 55%, and so the Malaysian government obviously had to accommodate such a large non-Muslim population.

But in Indonesia however Muslims made up 90% of the population, he said, and the government making distinctions between Muslim and non-Muslim Indonesians would have a generally bad effect.

History of Gambling

The first slot machine was invented by a european so how in the hell did it become part of Indonesian culture? Someone please answer that damn question for us. Why cant Indonesia think of ITS OWN WAY to generate alternate income…why follow someone else (in this case the west)? Ughhh.. Same s**t, different day!

We must answer that question first before we can even discuss religion. We mean clearly there is an issue with having legalized gambling so why not think of another way. Indonesia is not synonymous with the west – so a different approach must be considered.





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