$620,000.00 is Missing from YOUR Pocket – Samoa

We have forgone our usual Wednesday post to issue this courtesy blog. Someone in Samoa who plays the lottery has won $620,000.00 Dollars.

Always Live Righteously and You may win $620,000.00 or $260 Million like the proud brother in the picture!

“No one has claimed the biggest lottery prize in the history of Samoa – yet.

The question of who won the Samoa National Lotto’s jackpot of $620,000 on Saturday remained a mystery yesterday.

Secretary of the Totalisator Agency Board, Oloipola Terrence Betham confirmed that someone won when the lottery was drawn on Saturday night. “But the winner has not yet come forth to claim that he or she has the ticket,” Oloipola told the Samoa Observer yesterday.
“So we are still waiting. People who bought tickets last week might want to double check their tickets.” [SOURCE]


Samoan News

Original Article


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WHY DO WE DO THIS? because We noticed an imbalance in the reporting of the parts of the world where Nubians reside (i.e. people of the majority that have melanin or skin with color) so we decided to change that. Nubian News Network provides RSS feeds from LOCAL news sources found online, what this allows is a fairer and more non - bias view of countries that are negatively portrayed in major media outlets. Our blog serves to point out the atrocities that these countries continue to face, due to the result of hundreds of years of colonialism which brought about other negatives like racism, self-hatred (possibly) et cetera.

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