Jamaica – I Hate Me, So I Hate You [JCF kills citizen in cold blood]

The Monsters

In the Buckfield, Saint Ann area this past Friday on July the  30th a fellow Jamaican was killed by his brothers, sans an occupational affiliations and the sort.

Once the occupational affiliations are applied, the brother was killed by three police officers that looked just like him – they could have been family in fact technically the hueman race is all family.

The Savior

“The three policemen have been arrested based on instructions from Police Commissioner Owen Ellington, but that has not quieted the voices crying shame since the airing of the videotape recorded by a private citizen.” [SOURCE]

“Samuda (Head of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce; sidenote:howdideuropeanculturegetsoengrainedinoursocietywehadourownversionofthechamberofcommercelongago) urged law-abiding policemen and women to play their part in weeding out those who would act illegally and bring the force into disrepute while imperilling the safety and life of citizens. He said the action of the person who recorded the video exemplifies the type of responsibility that citizens must display in safeguarding their rights and the rights of others.” [SOURCE]

The Attempted CoverUp/Lie

“The policemen claimed that they had gone to Buckfield in search of Ian Lloyd who had fatally stabbed Loveta Wilson. According to the police, while they were trying to apprehend Lloyd, he attacked them with stones and bottles, injuring four members of the party.

It was further reported that Lloyd stabbed at one of the cops and was fatally shot.

But the amateur video clearly shows Lloyd on the ground being beaten by the cops before he was shot. [SOURCE] Aren’t police officers trained to deal with crazy citizens? Why kill everyone that hits you – we are sure it is tough to practice restraint but that is their job!!

The People

We wanted to call to your attention some very insightful comments left on Jamaica Gleaner’s website

“This type of police murder is nothing new. They just got caught on tape this time. The 76 people killed in Tivoli should have sounded the alarm, but then again the life of the poor in Jamaica is of no value.

“This is proof of what people of the inner city communities have ben complaining about for a long time. Kentucky did the very same thing and those cops are still on the loose.
See the video involving Kentucky Kid and his wife at http://johnww.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/what-hap… – video at end of page. No one has yet been charged for this unlawful killing.”

“Why is no one mentioning or expressing outrage that the citizens of the community, during the beating and when he was shot, encouraged and egged on the police officers. This statement is in no way to diminish or play light, or excuse the horrid behaviour of the police, but we should also be outraged about the behaviour of the citizens.”

The Virus

We hypothesize that Self Hatred is the true culprit behind this and so many other murders in Jah-Maica. Why? Because if someone loved who they were inside then they would love all others surrounding them. Why the hell could they not just accept responsibility

Even in this scenario the officer was in the wrong, now if the JCF (which was oddly enough created in 1716, while Jamaica was under colonialist rule – and it seems that those same self hating values remain in their ranks) can cover up murder would it not be easier for them to cover up running a traffic light? This brother lost his life and his wife lost her happy family and her child lost their daddy because OF A DAMN STOP LIGHT!

There is no rationale for harassing someone because you made a mistake. YOU – woman or man up and admit to your fault and pay the price. That accident would have affected the individual and their record no more no less. So why go to extreme lengths to try and bully someone because they believe in justice and have love in their heart – like the community said about “Machine Man” who was killed by the JCF also.

Self hatred is real amongst all peoples but it is most prevalent some would say in areas where people with melanin reside. Why? Because of past and present colonization – when the oppressor treats those that look like themselves great and all others like fecal matter. Then the victim begins to hate the skin they are in, their features, so forth and so on. That oppressor is the european race or albino race and that victim is anybody else with melanin. You can break the cycle with a strong upbringing because it allows you to recognize your ignorance and that of others.

The Proof

Here read a few excerpts from articles all over the web about the ills of Self-Hatred:


“If you do not want to be asociated with anything that may lead some one to associate you with Black people or being Black then you may be suffering from self-hatred”.

Why is there so much Black self hatred

“The national media’s distorted portrayal of Black America that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality is more than just biased media reports. They function as media manipulation psychosocial programs. It is a covert system of control that ensures the continuance of white dominance by ensuring that Blacks remain the most racially devalued and most economically exploited group in America.

The constant relentless bombardment with deplorably negative images of themselves that of which African Americans are so inundated with throughout the media is a very carefully and deliberately designed psychological conditioning program. It is a program designed to break down African Americans’ sense of Black racial heritage, allegiance and unity by subjecting them to seeing only the fraudulent worst in themselves while implying that they admire, respect, and trust only Whites.”

Self-hatred leads to skin bleaching

“When you are lighter, people pay more attention to you. It makes you more important and the rich men find you attractive,” the sentiments of an Accra-based woman with light skin and dark knuckles.

Yet, the self-hate phenomenon of skin-bleaching is not limited to black women alone. The music fans of men like Michael Jackson and the famous Lumba Brothers, Charles Kwadwo Fosu (Daddy Lumba) and Nana Acheampong, have seen the skin of the stars go lighter and lighter with every album hit. Through multiple surgeries, Michael Jackson has arguably become transracial.

Bleaching is often attributed to extreme low self-esteem, and a misplaced desire to be better appreciated. But, there is a growing repugnance within black communities worldwide against bleaching.”

Sosa is symptomatic of global self-hatred

“Funny, how scientific evidence pointing to the fact that every human on the planet is descended from an African, is dismissed, or ignored by the majority of humans. Sadly, self-hatred is universal. Africans, too, are willing to risk their health for lighter skin. Skin cancers and infections are prevalent in communities in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria where women who refuse to bleach themselves are considered pariahs. While a few of the most dangerous bleaching products have been banned in some African countries, dangerous skin lightening rituals continue, including the use of overly concentrated hydroquinone creams and soaps which prohibit the production of melanin in the skin. Some of the products boldly labeled as “skin whiteners,” in European, Asian, South American and African countries, are also sold in America with more politically correct descriptions. Such potions here are called skin “lighteners,” “brighteners,” “correctors,” “toners,” or “eveners.”

Afro Latino – The Thin Line Between Self Love and Self Hate

“As I got older and began to research the history of the Dominican Republic and later Latin America, I learned about our African heritage. However, many of us would rather cling to our European fathers and neglect our African mothers. For quite a few of us, we go through our bouts of self hatred.  I have relatives who complain about bad hair. I know women who spend hours at the beauty salon straightening or dyeing their hair. I have encountered women of African descent who have traveled to places like the Dominican Republic with their hair natural and fully blown out. They have recounted stories of being harassed and people actually putting combs in their hair! I know men who have been shunned by women they adored because of their skin color. I remember watching an interview with Sammy Sosa where he explained that he was Taino and made no mention of his African Heritage. While watching “Soy Boricua!,” a documentary directed by Rosie Perez, she made numerous references to Tainos and only a passing glance to Africans brought to the island.”

Lissa Jones on African Americans and self-hate

“I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being powerless,” she said as hands clapped and praise was shouted in emphatic agreement. “Black people are trapped inside the prisons of self-hate and self-destruction and nobody is talking about it.”

African Americans Display Unconscious Self Loathing

“This is an unfortuate occurance that has emerged as a result of the propaganda started by racist slave masters. THe fact that it still impacts society today is disgusting. African Americans need to come together as a race to stop the internal strife strarted during slavery; we have to overcome these obstacles in order to move forward and to improve.”

Haterology 101: The Expression of Self Hqate in African Americans by Khalif ‘Ras’ Williams

Whose Reflection is that in the Mirror?

“Black self-hatred, like any type of self-hatred is deadly serious!  It’s not something for which one can fairly despise a character, particularly one so generous-hearted and full of love as Michael Jackson.  It comes in many different extremes and the way with which it is dealt depends on the tools and skills we have at our disposal.  Doubtlessly, it needs to be tackled: not with barefaced, self-righteous and hurtful criticism, but by exploring and later dismantling the factors that cause it.”

SELF-HATE?? Is This Brother The Reason Why Sistas Get Perms (Response To Good Hair Movie)

“I can comment on this video for hour about the pro’s and con’s of what you said but I’m just going to make it simple. Black people were not created in that image. The whole reason you think that long hair is beautiful is because you have been brain washed by the white man to think so. I can say SO MUCH MORE but like you were saying, I’ll choose not to.”


Families Against State Terrrorism Leader Yvonne McCalla-Sobers [MUCH RESPECT!]

Jamaican News

Original News Article


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