Sri Lanka – Train made in Sri Lanka; Tracks made in India. One country helping another, we believe…

Despite having the possibility  of constructing and rehabilitating rail tracks with minimum expenses by using employees of the Railway Department, the contract has been handed over to an Indian company, Inco, Limited. We found this link but we are not sure this is the right company because they specialize in sports and entertainment equipment – we don’t think a train classifies as that but hey everyone can join into another venture. [article]

How much more blatant could you be? Wow, that is a slap in the face to the local businesses there in “Sri”. Sri already has a system set up yet and still the government is giving the contract to someone that is not part of the Sri community. We thought that the key to success was self – sufficiency. Maybe not, who knows?

Take a look at this map and tell us who looks like they need the money. Exactly, Sri Lanka is looking very lean compared with India. How the british colonized them, we will never understand and the same goes for africa

See the small red dot below India that is Sri Lanka and now they will be paying India for a contracted amount of years. Or maybe it is just team work you know, big brother helping little brother

Well here is the result of research on our part, thanks to a parallel article from “Truth First” in Sri Lanka here are the details on the situation.

The coastal railway line from Galle to Matara will be closed from August 01 for a period of four months for upgrading of the rail tracks, says Commercial Director of Railways Wijaya Samarasinghe.
A shuttle service will be provided by the Sri Lanka Transport Board between Galle and Matara during this period for the convenience of travellers, adds Mr. Samarasinghe. (Thats good!)
This closure is to enable the Sri Lanka Railways to upgrade the existing tracks to accommodate a travel speed of 100 kilometres per hour. The project, which is the first phase will be undertaken by Inco Ltd., an Indian company, under the Indian Credit Line offered to Sri Lanka recently for the rehabilitation of rail tracks. (That is it, just to increase the strength of the rail road tracks, couldn’t someone just order the rails and drop them in place?) or is it ultra complicated?
The second phase after the completion of the first will the rehabilitation of the tracks between Galle and Kalutara and the third will be between Kalutara to Maradana railway stations, adds Wijaya Samarasinghe. [SOURCE]

We are not against the above, but we do feel like if Sri can do for self it can only help everyone. Maybe India could offer guidance and teach Sri Lanka how to maintain and implement their train system. We understand everything is business but come on whatever happened to lending a helping hand for your fellow brother. We do not want to see India as a bully….


Sri Lanka News First Article

RSS Feed Source – Courtesy of Nubian News Network


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