Ethiopia – Looks can be deceiving…Judge only by actions… thanks Mikias Sebsibe of Addis Fortune

Always trust your gut instinct, if something sounds to good to be true (unless you are at a music festival) it probably is.

Imagine walking into a nice lavish office and being courted and treated respectfully - sounds good doesn't it...Well what if you just signed a deal with the most back dealing, back stabbing,back talking hueman on the face of the earth. Picture isn't so pretty is it? Well guess what happened in Ethiopia..

We really dislike publishing posts about topics like the one above, BUT in the interest of seeing people become better huemans we have to. Unfortunately a business by the name of Askallukan Trading Pllc swindled hundreds of the trusting public out of there hard earned money by promising them packages to the World Cup in South Africa. It is so discomforting to watch us fight and treat each other this way it has to stop.

Askallukan Trading ran a promotional campaign, wherein the company claimed to possess 10,000 guaranteed visas to South Africa, for several months. It offered people a package that included a ticket for the match of their choice, a roundtrip airplane ticket and a five-day hotel stay with meals included, all for 37,582.65 Br. However, the majority of the around 1,200 applicants were denied visas by the South African embassy. [SOURCE]

Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it? We might have gone for it as well….but again it sounds to good to be true

Always remember Service First, Pay your money last. Come to think of it wasn't Ethiopia out of the cup farely early?

Now if you read the article you would notice that protests have taken place and that the government has arrested certain members of the company as well as frozen assets

“The court already passed an injunction order on three vehicles, a residence, bank accounts at Wegagen Bank, a store in Zequala Wereda in Amhara Regional State, and a cattle breeding farm in Adama in Oromia Regional State.

As a result of the injunction order, two Wegagen Bank accounts, in the names of Hospitality Package Plus and Askallukan Trading Plc, were blocked, according to a letter sent to the court from the bank on July 8, 2010. These two accounts, opened at the Hailegiorgis branch, were the only ones the bank could find belonging to the accused, the statement said.”  [SOURCE]

You are looking prime land for cattle breeding - this is only one of the assets the company maintained. Soh (scratching our head) as to why the company would behave in such a way against us - it's own people/family.

– they just have not found the owner of the company, Girmay Gebremichael. You would think that since his wife (Menna Terefe) and other employees are in custody he would turn himself in too- who knows. We will keep you updated.

It seems that from all of the assets listed that the company was doing quite well for itself. Hopefully, they will refund their fellow sisters and brothers their money and a little extra as a sign of trying to rebuild their relationship with the public. We aren’t ones to throw stones, it just appears that maybe the promotional campaign was too costly and rather than discontinue and do damage control – that ugly white beast named Greed reared its head.

If you are reading this just take this as a lesson. Be thankful for what you have at the moment. We are thinking that there will be a class action suit coming pretty soon. What could be done to prevent this sort of thing from happening again in one of the few countries that was never touched by colonialism? Oh and we found both the husband and wife’s name on some social networking sites….eerie huh?


Original Article published online by Addis Fortune Staff Writer Mikias Sebsibe

The Addis Voice picked up the article as well

RSS Feed regarding Ethiopia found on


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