Liberia -America and Liberia joining forces to fight — poverty

24th and current President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf! We just wanted you to learn who the current president of Liberia is, it never hurts to have knowledge!

African billionaire, owner of the founder and chairman of RLJ Companies (*click the link to RLJ Companies and see the other ventures the company is into – truly amazing),  Bob Johnson (who was born in America) has brought prosperity to Liberia’s coast.

He could be your grandfather, uncle or brother - but you have what he has and that is a mind - so use it and change the world for our better!

We hope that the Liberians relocated from their nice coastal digs are not too pissed off – because we would be nonetheless, we are going to practice unity and not down play our fellow family member Bob Johnson. (Its just unfortunate that viacom owns bet and is running it into the ground while perpetuating stereotypes -negative ones on top of that] at the same time). We just wanted to present to you some great business tips that will guarantee the uplifting of us worldwide. See the Good in Everything. Now read with avariciousness!!!

Forget the personality and character and use the words below to bring forth your own vision – we know that some consider the person above to be corrupted none the less the wise can discern wisdom from the devil and god(a brother with melanin for you bible thumpers “skin of bronze” remember that part?) Again we digress, here are some quality business tips from RLJ Companies and N3 International.

Mr. Johnson has built a 78-room beach-side spa resort outside of Monrovia, Liberia, with this advice when starting a new business venture that no one else has done before.

A Nice Shot of the Ocean View from Within the Proud and Strong Country of Liberia!

With great risk comes great rewards! “When you go into a post-conflict country, you are going to have to be willing to take risks, but with risks there are also rewards.” Just like third world country stocks you can either lose a lot or make crazy money – so much money you lose your breath. Never felt it before? Well invest in your people and get a return on your investment as well as the ability to uplift us out here.

Make True and Honest Friends Where you Make your Living “If I can get in first and make the right connections, you’ve got a good chance of not only making an investment that will return a very good reward.” We somewhat agree with this, we would have to add on to this that you should not sell your essence or your soul for a dollar, if there is no support in the area just do it yourself.

It is always great to make money while being amongst friends and fam!

Know the Pitfalls and do your Research Johnson avoided the capital of Liberia, Monrovia because of its social problems, high numbers of people without proper housing and lack of reliable electricity. Obviously these are essentials for providing jobs for a resort.

Awww look at the too "of color" pillows nestled on top of the "white" bed. What? It is just an observation! Just imagine this bedroom with no electricity - exactly a waste of money and nice furniture!

Treat the citizens (i.e. your sisters and brothers) with respect. Listen to their qualms and be honest with them and with what you are doing. Give more than you receive. “We relocated some buildings and frankly some people that were there, but we relocated them to a nice place. In turn we gave many of those people jobs.” spoke Bob Johnson.

Get An Education, Somewhere and Somehow. “We had to train people because hotel servicing is not a natural thing if you haven’t gone to school or if you’ve been dodging bullets for 15 years of civil war.” We say that because well as you can see from the quote above that those people without education got kicked off their property and then trained and employed by an ex-patriate african to work at their resort, which they may or may not be able to stay in. If they had an education they could have organized and stopped it or been in Monrovia making a living doing something that benefits the people (doctors, lawyers, etc.).

Kudos to the Brother that is employed and working with his fellow Liberians! We bet he has some stories to tell!

Treat People Right and Believe in Yourself and Them as well. “We brought the core leadership from the U.S, but they immediately went to training Liberians. In fact the one thing we’re most proud of now, probably of the top 6 or 8 people in the hotel, 5 of those are Liberians,” he said.  That is awesome! See in europee on countries that would be unheard of unless its a market europee ons are afraid to be a part of. Some would say that europee ons see that hotel as theirs and not the peoples of that area so they only hire europee ons to manage it. Here you see an example of mutual love, bob johnson and liberia are partners and are partaking in a beneficial relationship – thus RLJ Companies trusts their fellow sister and brother Liberians to operate the resort.

Sit back and relax and read some more of our blogs! Educate/Stimulate your mind!

Have a Bigger Plan in Mind. “We want to put a factory in Liberia and build housing in Liberia. They got to have workers and the workers have to have someplace to stay.” With this move RLJ Companies will increase the standard of living in the township outside of Monrovia – hopefully in the future RLJ Companies will build some schools and stop using our sisters and brothers as the help with a side of management. Real recognizes Real!

What are your thoughts on the huge undertaking RLJ Companies (aka bob johnson) is doing? He did say it was just business to downplay the support of the people but what would you do? Comment Below Please.


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Full Video Courtesy of CNN

Where is our Liberia Link? Nowhere. We did not find this article on our site! Just being honest! Oops well we did place the Liberia Link in this article, but hey it’s for your own knowledge to know whats going on in your homeland of  Liberia!


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