Uganda – Bananas kill when mixed with

gin and imminent death (vis a vis terrorism)….. Yeah that is right gin. In the beautiful country of Uganda we have lost 80 family members to a concoction locally known as Waragi or banana gin laced with methanol.

Do everything in Moderation and Remember this is the only body you have!

The reason it seems that many have died is because they wanted to maintain the dignity and respect of their families.

Patrick Tusiime said so many people had died because relatives did not want to admit that people had been drinking the gin, known as waragi.

Which is admirable and understandable but to a certain extent, given the fact that waragi is illegal. But at the same time one would think that drinking anything is a conscious decision you have to WANT to drink in order to drink – so what is the cause for the high rate of alcohol consumers in Uganda.

Well we did some research and found the current situation in Uganda more specifically Kampala to be life threatening on a daily basis due to terrorism.

On July 11, the day she arrived, bombs exploded at two popular clubs in Kampala, killing at least 76 people, an American among them. The terrorists who claimed responsibility for the attacks — the Shabab, who are fighting for control of Mogadishu — had been threatening to hit Kampala in retaliation for our peacekeeping efforts in Somalia, an important front in the global war on terrorism. Read the Entire Article

This information came courtesy of a article written by a fellow Ugandan from Kampala by the name of Rodney Muhumuza (reach him at uza.rod [AT] who has lived in the states.

How does it relate? Easily. When you are stressed or in a life or death situation what do you do? You resort to what brings you comfort, now some people may reach for drugs, tobacco or alcohol (i.e. banana gin), in these desperate and life threatening times in Uganda if you are powerless to do anything maybe some feel its better to  just live life out of their minds.

Our first inclination was to complain about people drinking but when you honestly look at it, the root of the problem is colonialism – because if Uganda was the Uganda of pre-1500’s there would be a greater chance that they would have a larger standing army to deal with terrorism in their cities. We are in a weak state because we have been crippled by europee on forced intervention.

We have a question for you – how do you survive when each day could be your last? How would YOU cope with it?


Nubian News Network

News One (publisher of original article)

Uganda Terrorism Article


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