Peru – Maranon Oil Spill Affects Locals / World Cup (Come On Brack!)

Peru Maranon Oil Spill

Oil and Water Do Not Mix - Ever

How many *** da*n times have you heard about the BP Oil Spill? Exactly. Did they tell you about the hundreds of other occurrences around the world…….NOPE.

Well in Rio Maranon in Peru an oil spilled by an Argentinian tanker ship emptied 400 barrels of the crude crap directly into the primary water source for locals in  “There are at least six communities that have been affected by the spill, including Santa Rita de Castilla, Ollanta, and Alfonso Ugarte.” says the Peruvian Times (Source)

Pretty but deadly

Imagine seeing this at your water filtering plant in your town! What would you do?

The Marañon river in the Amazon Jungle is the only source of water for more than 28 communities that line its shores, and after the Pluspetrol oil spill earlier this month all of these communities are left with no clean water for all their needs and they can’t fish either, since it is contaminated with more than 300 barrels of crude oil. [Article Source]

Monetarily speaking someone will be held responsible in terms of having a fine but who the hll is going to restore the livelihood of fishing and A CLEAN SOURCE OF  WATER to the people in the communities?

Antonio Brack the first ever Minister of the Environment for Peru

All Eyez On Brack - We know you can handle the situation, do what is right for the community!

“Environment Minister Antonio Brack had added that whoever is found responsible will be fined for the spill.” [   ] That is all well and good but what about the people EFF the company they will be fine regardless. And just so you know Argentinean oil company Pluspetrol is responsible.

World Cup Apology Opportunity PASSED! (no pun intended!)

Maybe they should have issued an apology during the world cup to PERU that would have been nice given they had the world stage at this years world cup  but alas none the less we will provide updates to this post with the hopes that Peru restores the communities lifestyle back to as close as normal can be.

Does anyone know what efforts Peru has put in place to restore the marine biology of the area? How is the community getting clean water locally? Does anyone know of any support groups?


Let Pluspetrol know how you feel!! This link goes directly to their website!

The Original Article Courtesy of The Peruvian Times Online Paper

Another Article Covering the Maranon Oil Spill (Courtesy of the Peruvian Times)

Nubian News Network – Peru (of course! we love our RSS feeds it makes it so much easier to follow global news anywhere – and no thats not a slogan just the truth. FOFY (Find Out For Yourself)

Elites TV Article on Global Oil Spills


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