Samoa – The Tuna Industry in Samoa is CANNED! (pun intended)

Tuna Industry in Samoa is Canned

Tuna Provides Jobs but not StarKist!

We just read an article courtesy of Samoa News in regards to the Tuna Industry minimizing jobs in Samoa which is impacting the employment rate of Samoa (as 80% of their economy is dependent on the Tuna Industry)

Because this is a larger issue that can be solved easily and if implemented on all levels, Samoa would not have had to allow the tuna companies tax exemption.  BE SELF SUFFICIENT. Point blank. Period. Just be self sufficient and your country wont be at the whim of  “off island” companies.

We seriously if Samoa knows it has a tuna industry why not just develop it from the inside out, employ locals and ultra tax foreigners or at least offer a decreased tax rate dont just not make any money at all.

Governor Togiola Tulafono handling business with a brother

Governor Togiola Tulafono handling business with a fellow Brother

To the credit of Governor Togiola Tulafono, he recognizes the bottom line of business to make money. See what you may not know is that

Gov. Togiola Tulafono critized the cannery, noting the territory invested in StarKist by giving it a tax break that was supposed to create jobs.

“But now, what’s the sense of having a tax exemption when we’re losing jobs?” he said.

The governor alleged StarKist was profitable even as it as laying people off, saying the company would have already left the territory if it wasn’t making money.

“StarKist is making a profit or they would not be here,” he said.

the federal government imposed minimum  wages on all businesses in Samoa which hiked up the cost that each person was to be paid that was employed by StarKist. i.e. Starkist could give a (blank) about people in general they just want the money, so that means less people have to work their and do more work. (Some would call Wage Slavery, but thats a matter of y0ur outlook and goals in life)\

Take this as a lesson yes the countries we featured were raped, robbed, pillaged, plundered, occupied, puppeteered, and worse BUT any time is a good time to stand on your own two feet as a person or country and BE SELF SUFFICIENT. That is the Lesson For Today. Do you think Samoa could take those local fellow sisters and brothers and encourage them morally and financially to start up their own tuna industry? They have the knowledge base now thanks to StarKist.



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