Djibouti – Invaded by Japan Easily….when will it stop

For all that do not know this is the location of the country of Djibouti on the continent of Afrika [SOURCE]

Location of Djibouti, Afrika

Japan feels the need to invade Djibouti to protect THEIR interests export-ly and import -ly speaking from the Somali Pirates (as if there were a c0untry of them.) We smell an excuse …..

Thanks to Somali pirates fighting for a just cause (the fact that foreigners pillage their seas and docks without paying tribute to them in anyway basically stealing food from their mouths)

“Mr. Sugule spoke on everything from what the pirates wanted (“just money”) to why they were doing this (“to stop illegal fishing and dumping in our waters”) to what they had to eat on board (rice, meat, bread, spaghetti, “you know, normal human-being food”).” [SOURCE]

“Hey I am NOT a Sharpton fan, but let’s not take that comment out of context. He said, “…they call themselves a voluntary coast guard…” if you know me, you know I give Sharpton the blues, but when something is manipulated like this clip, then I have to call it out.

Japan due to is maritime interests is building a base in Djibouti. Whether or not Djibouti was formally asked we do not know. But it seems that our sweet beloved africa is in a strategic position and for some reason every other country wants to have its way with her again and again and again. How do we stop such blatant disrespect? It should not be this easy to drop a base in another country…………SOH (Scratching Our Head)


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