Unified Communist Party of Nepal to overthrow Nepalese Govt.

The UCPN-M (Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has said “…A nationwide decisive uprising will be initiated at that time and it will be too late for the government to think about it at that time.” Do you want to know why the UCPN-M is pissed? Keep Reading….

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgYDJorzMYs no wonder why the UCPN-M dislikes India, the entire country of Nepal has to beg for money from its neighbors (India and China) In the video link above those kids are taken from Nepal with promises of money and sold into child prostitution..fuc*ing disgusting

Another bone of contention with the UCPN-M is the Mahakali Treaty which basically turns Nepal into a whore;  with India being the pimp, check out a snippets of Articles 3 and 4 below.Its understandable why they want to destroy the Treaty, wouldn’t you want to?

Mahakali treaty with India which regulated the distribution of water and electricity as well as the delineation of the border between the two countries.


2(b) A supply of 70 millions Kilowatt-hour (unit) of energy on a continuous basis annually, free of cost, from the date of the entry into force of this Treaty. For this purpose, India shall construct a 132 kv transmission line up to the Nepal-India border from the Tanakpur power station (which has at present, an installed capacity of 120,000 kilowatt generating 448.4 millions kilowatt-hour of energy annually on 90 percent dependable year flow).

We had no clue that Nepal was in such bad shape, being in need of water and electricity is vital if you are trying to mimic european styles of living.


4. A portion of Nepal’s Share of energy shall be sold to India. The quantum of such energy and its price shall be mutually agreed upon between the parties.

–When you give a share of your own energy for water, it sounds as if you need industrialization because the water table is everywhere in the world you just have to know how far to dig.–


India shall supply 10 m3/s (350 cusecs) of water for the irrigation of Dodhara Chandani area of Nepalese Territory. The technical and other details will be mutually worked out.

Its amazing that someone enacted this treaty with the details to be mutally worked out, its quite clear who is the aggressor and who has more available to them. Why not just make Nepal part of India or part of China? The damn Indians are doing the same thing to Nepal that was done to them by britain.. (Source)


Article Link (courtesy of Peoples Review)

Nepal News Link (courtesy of N3)


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