Ecuador – Did you think the earth was for everyone? WE HOPE NOT….Evictions and their Evils

Imagine your house. Dont think about the size of your house, just think about what a house represents to you. A place where you can go no matter the weather, a place where you can store all of your possessions and memorabilia and keepsakes from family members.

!Home Sweet Home!

Imagine a cold evening that can instantly turn into a warm evening inside of your house with its possessions of all of the accoutrements of modern technology. NOW IMAGINE BEING FORCED OUT WITH NO WHERE TO GO!

That is exactly what happened to a family in Ecuador the only thing is the people kicked out were not old enough to drive, were not old enough to obtain a job and not old enough to procure the proper legal counsel.

“Four children: three girls and one boy ranging from 13, 11, 10 and 8 years, is affected by this action. In this painful act are confronted Jein brothers Raul Cruz Hidalgo and Jose Cruz Hidalgo Floro, uncle and father of children, respectively.”

That being said count your blessings and just know that things may be great now but be prepared for any and everything. Here is where the children stay now thanks to their ingenuity and creativity

Do What You Can with What You Have!

Now how many adults could forgo their pride and live so modestly? Could you? Have you ever experienced something similar to this?

We were looking for a good donation site but all we could find was Europeans destroying our Ecuadorian culture with their western ideology….its sickening……expect another post on colonialism and its effects on Ecuador I.E. the reason why Ecuador is in shambles now SUPPOSEDLY


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