Brazil – Do the Indigenous have a “News” Voice?

Thousands of Years of Natural Perfection destroyed by a thirst for Electricity

We found a great article but found the source to be tainted. Though it speaks about the Belo Monte Dam being built in the state of Para, the source is not even from brazil, its from one of the colonial powers meddling in international affairs – AGAIN. We had this nice extensive article laid out then we read…

Leland Garivaltis is a research associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) – The organization is a think tank established in 1975 to discuss and promote inter-American relationship. Full Article

We will keep looking……We mean seriously why would one of the past cowardly colonial powers give a sh*t about any country that they totally destroyed for 400 plus years and continue to destroy.

And in case you care the Belo Monte Dam will destroy life for 150 tribes in the state of Para and supposedly you can put a monetary amount to the damage that will be done though the damage will be done forever.

Here is the Full Article and the Brazilian News Source that led us to it.

Are there any countries that are choosing to try ALTERNATE METHODS to maintaining a western-esque lifestyle? as in no asphalt, concrete … there any innovation out there?


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WHY DO WE DO THIS? because We noticed an imbalance in the reporting of the parts of the world where Nubians reside (i.e. people of the majority that have melanin or skin with color) so we decided to change that. Nubian News Network provides RSS feeds from LOCAL news sources found online, what this allows is a fairer and more non - bias view of countries that are negatively portrayed in major media outlets. Our blog serves to point out the atrocities that these countries continue to face, due to the result of hundreds of years of colonialism which brought about other negatives like racism, self-hatred (possibly) et cetera.

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