Madagascar – CASSAVA AND CANCER – historically linked and controlled —- un- fortunately

Just came across an article thanks to  a madagascar online newspaper (see Resources at the bottom for the link) here is the gist of the article

“Despite the banning of publicity on cigarettes, the tobacco industry appears to be in good health.

The sale of tobacco brings in a lot of money for the state in taxes, even though tobacco sales publicity has recently been banned for reasons of public health. The tobacco industry does not appear to be hurting much yet. The Nouvelles says, ?Imperial Tobacco the 4th largest tobacco group in the world, yesterday inaugurated at Antsirabe a new factory

This new factory represents an investment of almost 8 million ariary, and includes new high tech material connected by fiber optical  Ethernet allowing for the remote control and maintenance of the production facility. Imperial Tobacco has been involved in Madagascar since 1989 when they signed a deal with the state giving them the authority to operate in this particular field. (Who gives a flying **ck about the technology the factory will have….PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE……WTH!!)

Read the course of history for Madagascar, no wonder it is easy for the uk or british based tobacco company to infiltrate the market and export dollars out of Madagascar while our people of Antsirabe, Madagascar live like this

The name of the company is IMPERIAL tobacco, what the hell kind of name is that? Its like calling it colonialist tobacco or some sh* a looming reminder of what was. The sad part about the history of Madagascar is that they have constantly been back and forth about euro-p-on policy but if you read the link on Madagascar’s history (above) then you would note that they resisted the missionaries who were the first to try and gain access to the islands people.

But unfortunately during the slave trade and industrialization the latter of which originated with euro-p-ons (if they tell the story) left them (countries of color) unable to maintain with the other rapers and theifs of every country of color (germany, belgium, etc.) So we sold our country and gave access to our policies and almost every other damn thing (including religion – in some aspects) to become industrialized.

The one given in this equation is that COLONIALISM = DESTRUCTION OF CONFIDENCE

ie note how Madagascar rather than construct a mode of transportation unique to the landscape and the people’s values depended on euro-p-ons the same which put them in that situation, showing that they had no respect for them. Because if they had respect they would have let them be. Also note that in the history lesson how the uk or british, we think, allowed them some aspects of the new technology IF they allowed a brit to sit on their court…..basically a spy…DUH..

Moral of the story: Madagascar already had a SAFE and STRONG profit going with the EXPORT of CASSAVA and RICE which was/is a staple for the people as well as was SAFE and HEALTHY for the people

unlike tobacco and its DEADLY effects

How can such a smart country not know what is being done to it? What is in the curriculum at the schools, is the true history taught? Wonder what the attitude of the state is….hmmm..


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