Phillipines – Noticing a trend amongst elections in “Majority” countries


MANILA, Philippines – A total of 27 people, including a mayoralty bet and five running for councilor, were killed in 75 election-related violent incidents during the first 105 days of the campaign period for the May 10 general elections.

What the hell? How is it everywhere else during elections (sans any european neo-colonialist society) people get killed and murdered over elections for pseudo power…. check out the history


Colonization began when Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi, arrived from Mexico in 1565 and formed the first European settlements in Cebu. In 1571, the Spanish occupied the kingdoms of Maynila and Tondo and established Manila as the capital of the Spanish East Indies.[45][46] Spanish power was further consolidated after Miguel López de Legazpi’s conquest of the Confederation of Madya-as, his subjugation of Rajah Tupas the King of Cebu and Juan de Salcedo’s ransacking of the Chinese warlord Limahong’s pirate kingdom in Pangasinan. This grab for power eventually culminated with the mass murder and exile of the royal families of the Dynasty of Tondo and the Kingdom of Maynila when the Tondo Conspiracy of 1587-1588 failed[47] in which a planned grand alliance with the Japanese admiral Gayo, Butuan’s last rajah and Brunei’s Sultan Bolkieh, would have restored the old aristocracy. Its failure resulted in the hanging of Agustín de Legazpi (great grandson of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and the initiator of the plot) and the execution of Magat Salamat (the crown-prince of Tondo) (Source)


In August 1759, Charles III ascended the Spanish throne. At the time, Britain and France were at war, in what was later called the Seven Years War. France successfully negotiated a treaty with Spain known as the Family Compact which was signed on 15 August 1761. By an ancillary secret convention, Spain was committed to making preparations for war against Britain. (Source)


In 1781, Governor-General José Basco y Vargas established the Economic Society of the Friends of the Country.[70] The Philippines was administered from the Viceroyalty of New Spain until the grant of independence to Mexico in 1821 necessitated the direct rule from Spain of the Philippines from that year. Developments in and out of the country helped to bring new ideas to the Philippines including the ideals of the French and American Revolutions. In 1863, Queen Isabella of Spain decreed the establishment of a public school system in Spanish, leading to increasing numbers of educated Filipinos. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 cut travel time to Spain. Both of these events prompted the rise of the ilustrados, an enlightened class of Creoles and Indios, since many young Filipinos were able to study in Europe. (Source)


Filipinos initially saw their their relationship with the United States as that of two nations joined in a common struggle against Spain[78], since the American government had reassured the Filipino rebels that the U.S. was interested only in defeating Spain and, in the process, helping the Filipinos gain their independence.[citation needed] However, the United States later distanced itself from the interests of the Filipino insurgents. Aguinaldo was unhappy that the United States would not commit to paper a statement of support for Philippine independence.[79] Relations deteriorated and tensions heightened as it became clear that the Americans were in the islands to stay. (Source)

Do you think that the past is the reason for the killings in the future? Wouldn’t you ideally think that people OF COLOR who were previously raped, robbed and pillaged would have a better grasp on unity and working together in the present? Or  are they out of touch….


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