Barbados – The Flu that Flew the Coop! Phase 6 or Phase Tricks…money and

health go hand and hand. When a scare occurs owners of stock in any health related company goes up and the wealthy and wise (if you want to call it that) get richer. While others freak out and increase their paranoid tendencies…………Well that is not the case in the might and proud Barbados which saw through the

The vaccine industry was mainly interested in one question: the decision to declare phase 6. Phase 6 acted as a switch that would allow bells on the industry’s cash registers to ring, risk-free, because many pandemic vaccine contracts had already been signed. Germany, for example, signed an agreement with the British firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in 2007 to buy its pandemic vaccine — as soon as phase 6 was declared.”

Its all about the money, some would say the only people that care about your health and welfare is ummmm YOU and hopefully your FAMILY and FRIENDS.. Don’t base your actions on those that dont care about you base your actions on you KNOWING YOURSELF…. AND UNDERSTANDING WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

Do you think the fear of death is what possessed people to fall so easily for this hoax?


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