Nicaragua – “violent followers of the President….WTF..should violent and the President be in the same sentence???

Always do the right thing!

“The independent press was also a victim of the mob Orteganism.  The violent followers of President Daniel Ortega who act with impunity on the streets of Managua, caused damage to the vehicle this afternoon in which the press carried a team of Channel 12 television.

The journalist David Rivera, the television station, said he and his cameraman left the vehicle parked near the funeral Mount of Olives, located several blocks north of the headquarters of the Movement going with Eduardo (MVE), place this morning is besieged by the mob Orteganism.

According to Rivera, after showing some of the violent events taking place in Colonial Los Robles, found the car without all four tires, with broken glass and even had time to urinate antisocial tank Jeep type vehicle, in which mobilized.”

We don’t have much to say on this except to ask you, do you think people will still vote or just not even attempt to for fear of their life?


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WHY DO WE DO THIS? because We noticed an imbalance in the reporting of the parts of the world where Nubians reside (i.e. people of the majority that have melanin or skin with color) so we decided to change that. Nubian News Network provides RSS feeds from LOCAL news sources found online, what this allows is a fairer and more non - bias view of countries that are negatively portrayed in major media outlets. Our blog serves to point out the atrocities that these countries continue to face, due to the result of hundreds of years of colonialism which brought about other negatives like racism, self-hatred (possibly) et cetera.

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