Dominica – Who cares about how your oppressors feel towards you?

Here is the link to a sound byte from Dominica Broadcasting Service, in which they are discussing British relations regarding Dominicans having to have visas to travel to one of the colonial countries abroad.

Why are we still attached to our oppressor and why the hell would we want to go there after the countless murders the British and French committed on Dominican soil over resources, greed and lust.

Brief History of the One Sided Relationship between Dominica & British/French

“In 1635 France claimed Dominica. Shortly thereafter, French missionaries became the first European inhabitants of the island. Carib incursions (defined as “An aggressive entrance into foreign territory;” how is it foreign if Caribs live there???) continued, though, and in 1660, the French and British agreed that both Dominica and St. Vincent should be abandoned. Dominica was officially neutral for the next century, but the attraction of its resources remained; rival expeditions of British and French foresters were harvesting timber by the start of the 18th century.[3]  Largely because of Dominica’s position between Martinique and Guadeloupe, France eventually became predominant, and a French settlement was established and grew. As part of the 1763 Treaty of Paris that ended the Seven Years’ War, the island became a British possession. In 1778, during the American Revolutionary War, the French mounted a successful invasion with the active cooperation of the population. The 1783 Treaty of Paris, which ended the war, returned the island to Britain. French invasions in 1795 and 1805 ended in failure.[3]  In 1763, the British established a legislative assembly, representing only the white population. In 1831, reflecting a liberalization of official British racial attitudes, the Brown Privilege Bill conferred political and social rights on free non-whites. Three African people were elected to the legislative assembly the following year. Following the abolition of slavery, in 1838 Dominica became the only British Caribbean colony to have a African-controlled legislature in the 19th century. Most African legislators were smallholders or merchants who held economic and social views diametrically opposed to the interests of the small, wealthy English planter class. Reacting to a perceived threat, the planters lobbied for more direct British rule.” (Source)

Did you See It?

We made it bold just for you. Two things you should note,

1. They invaded us took our rights then gave us limited rights based on their cultural beliefs and how they feel we should be regarded.

2. The first people on the island  were WHITE OR EUROPEAN missionaries or religious armies, then came the bloodshed. Now look in Africa at all of the religious groups infiltrating various countries. MISSIONARIES DESTROY OUR CULTURES, WHEREVER OUR CULTURE IS MISSIONARIES TRY TO ERADICATE IT BY IMPOSING THEIR BELIEFS IN THE FORM OF HELP. Here is the proof

Article One

Article Two

Article Three

What do you think is the remedy? Do Muslims come to America to convert Christians wholesale?


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WHY DO WE DO THIS? because We noticed an imbalance in the reporting of the parts of the world where Nubians reside (i.e. people of the majority that have melanin or skin with color) so we decided to change that. Nubian News Network provides RSS feeds from LOCAL news sources found online, what this allows is a fairer and more non - bias view of countries that are negatively portrayed in major media outlets. Our blog serves to point out the atrocities that these countries continue to face, due to the result of hundreds of years of colonialism which brought about other negatives like racism, self-hatred (possibly) et cetera.

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