Turks and Caicos Islands – “The Future Looks Bleak” We dont agree VP Samuel Forbes…Here is why….

We understand that the original objective of sending your proud graduates abroad to educate millions is not qiute attainable, BUT why not use this as an opportunity for the students to educate the local population and inspire national confidence and culture……we mean who would best benefit from your graduates. Some other country where they will battle elitism, racism and many other -isms or the place they call home and where they are most highly respected.One thing we always have had is our creativity so why not have the potential overseas students revolutionize the Island… in one way or another with some innovative idea? Your college gave them the know how now its time to do and put it into action.

As Will Smith spoke to the ebb and flow of life and how once you recognize the pattern you can just go with it.

True enough one door closed in terms of scholarships but some would say it wasn’t meant for it to be in the first place.

We appreciate your forthrightness and telling the honest truth because many lesser men would have



ed their answer.

But you stand as a testament to being a true man for telling being honest and did not and we applaud you.

If anyone would like to help their sisters and brothers out in the Turks and Caicos Islands they gave a view of the college in discussion on the video so if you want to contact them and see if there is anything you can do here is the contact information

Turks and Caicos Islands

Community College – Provo Campus

Mr. Samuel Forbes, Vice President

Phone: 941-3210; Fax:941-8380

Has anyone out there faced a similar situation where your overseas scholarship didn’t pan out? If so what did you do?


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N3 Turk and Caicos Islands Link


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