Tobago, Caribbean – The dichotomy of colonialism and tribalism meet again during Easter weekend.

A Brief History Lesson First!!

They have generally been called Arawaks and Caribs. These were largely wiped out by the Spanish colonisers under the encomienda system. Under this system which was basically a form of slavery, Spanish encomederos forced the Amerindians to work for them in exchange for Spanish “protection” and conversion to Christianity. The survivors were first organised into Missions by the Capuchin friars, and then gradually assimilated.[1] The oldest organised indigenous group in Trinidad is the Santa Rosa Carib Community centred in the town of Arima, although several new groups have developed in recent years. (Source)

Did you See It?

Here we will show it to you “Spanish encomederos forced the Amerindians (what the hell is an amerindian???) to work for them in exchange for Spanish “protection” and conversion to Christianity.” now…read the article excerpt…

One of the symbolic practices done during the celebration of Easter is the washing of feet. This religious rite has biblical significance since Jesus Christ, just before he was crucified, washed his disciples’ feet. Following in this tradition were members of the Lambeau Church of God. This sacred tradition is one that has survived many centuries back to a time when hosts would provide water for their guests to wash their feet as well as providing a servant to serve the guests in this practice. (Are they talking about servants from the colonialism era or during the Carib and Arawak era before our sisters and brothers were largely wiped out by the Spanish colonizers under the encomienda system????) This was a major part of hospitality customs since sandals was the footwear of choice for ancient civilizations.

Either way now you can clearly see how the forced assimilation into Christianity is still around today. Our people in Tobago may have some idea or not but either way what is done over there is sure as hell not purely the ancient traditions pre-dating the Spaniards diseased and gory arrival.

Question is how do you exterminate that element so that people can regain their national confidence and pride in some instances?


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