Bolivia (black) is Standing Defiant against European (white) Strong Arm Tactics

Bolivia declined to accept the Copenhagen Accord which was comprised at the United Nations Climate Summit in December of 2009. It seems that the Copenhagen Accord forced Bolivia ( a non- european country) to change its policies on global warming in a negative way, a way in which Bolivians would not benefit. Supposedly, health lost in the future is money gained in the future for further development, why doesnt Bolivia just do what the hell it wants to do?

Imagine if you will that someone you didn’t know but who had in the past raped your family physically and mentally, ravaged your lands, killed more of your family and friends and stole your resources; Who then garnered up a contract that they said would help you, would you really sign it? Come on really. From what we have read the Copenhagen Accord is synonymous with the European or Rich Country Accord because it was basically brokered or drafted by higher ups from the US, UK  and the European Union. So it s quite obvious no diplomats with melanin were present before or during the climate talks.

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama can’t be everywhere at once because if he could this would not be happening or its quite clear someone is not playing fair from the US side of things. But we are sure that if this came across President Obama’s desk that he would do what is right. He always does but he is still hueman but close to super

Either way the US is taking away money for Climate Aid initally set for Bolivia to the amount of $3 million and the same is happening for Ecuador they are just losing $2.5 million. Again these are developing countries and we are sure that small amount of money lost is not missed.

This month Bolivia will be hosting its own climate conference which is a great step in the right direction…so stay tuned as we will keep you updated.


Some Knowledge For You:

Afro-Bolivians tired of a lack of representation in their country, crowned a king to lead their community and fight for their interests. Julio Pinedo is the Bolivian grandson of Bonifacio Pinedo, the last known African King enslaved.

History tells us that during the colonial era, when the Spanish conquistadors enslaved Africans to the Americas, they were enslaved regardless of rank or their standing in African societies.

Africans in Bolivia have not forgotten their history and who they are as a people.

“Bolivia and the world have to know that we are a people with culture and history, that we were forgotten but haven’t disappeared. We aren’t just ‘negritos’ who dance in the street and are good at futbol”

Martha Inofuentes
Leader of the Afro-Bolivian movement (Link)

Alternate Sources:

Article Link

Nubian News Bolivia


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